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Introduction to Myerscough Pictures

Welcome to my website. Many of you who have visited me in the past may wonder why there has been such a radical change in design.
The reasons are many and various. For a start I have closed the site which used to be known as RS Support. It had in its day and had served a useful purpose, but the time came to move on. Some of the photographs which were lodged there have been incorporated into this new site, but if you are involved in education or a religious group and are looking for something specific, please email me and I will see if I can help.
My former photography site was terribly tablet unfriendly so this time I have tried to go for a less complicated design. I also wished to include many other areas of photography apart from sailing. Do email me with any queries.


All photographs and the contents of this website are subject to copyright Robin Myerscough 2016.

Having said that members of educational and religious institutions who wish to have a photograph either for their own personal use, for use in class sets, or promotional literature may use them without charge. It is good in the case of promotional literature to check with me first. Members of the Norfolk Punt Club and Horning Sailing Club are welcome to have copies of the photographs which apply to them either for their own use, for use in promotional literature or publications. Please credit with the photographer's name where appropriate. All other publications, periodicals, journals and especially commercial publications must contact me and obtain permission before publication. Just so that there is no missunderstanding, I mean by commercial publication - something you charge money for, or from which you hope to make money.